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KapuAfrica Travel Trip Planning Form

Thank you for reaching out to me to help plan your upcoming trip to Africa! To help streamline the planning process, it’s important for you to provide as many details as possible upfront. I will contact you to let you know that I have received your request and ask any necessary follow-up questions before building a custom itinerary for you. If you have any questions for me or need to follow up on your request, email me at

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you!

Number of travelers
Specify how many adults and how many children.
Reason for Travel
e.g. Anniversary, birthday, family trip, vacation
Approximately how much PER PERSON, PER DAY are you comfortable spending on this vacation? (Not including international airfare costs.)
 Less than $500 per person per day
 $500 - $700 per person per day
 $700 - $900 per person per day
 $1,000 + per person per day
Trip Destination
South Africa
Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar)
Dates of Travel and Flexibility
(i.e., we have to travel between the dates of xx and xx, but can only be gone 14 days)
Trip Duration
Have you been to Africa before?
What type of international traveler would you say you are?
 Frequent, I travel more than 3 times per year outside the country
 Occasional, I travel 1 to 2 times per year outside the country
 Infrequent, I have traveled once or twice in the past 5 yrs outside the country
 I used to travel internationally frequently or occasionally, but not anymore
 I have never traveled outside the country
What is the single most important thing drawing you to Africa?
What other interests are a priority for this trip?
Interactions with local people
Food/wine experiences
Adventure/adrenalin activities
Visiting Victoria Falls
Learning history with a local historian
Visiting Soweto
Visiting Cape Town
Spending time at the beach
Walking safaris
Marine Big 5
Additional Trip Details
Please share any additional details you think we should know, including ages of travelers, any likes/dislikes, specific requests for certain camps or lodges, etc.
How did you hear about KapuAfrica Travel?
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